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Micro-Yielding: Giving more to God

Cease from self - cease from all decisions without the Spirit. Genuinely enabling the mind of Christ in our lives requires us to come to an end of self-will and self-desire.

It is the common practice to yield to God the Macro - all of the significant events and steps. Even those whose faith is not paramount, but exists, would consider God in large-scale ideals and decisions.

But more yielding is needed if we truly live wholly unto Christ. We must learn to yield the Micro. We are surrendering impulse and instinct unto the Holy Spirit.

Meaning we pause and practice God's presence consistently through the person of the Holy Spirit.

We allow all things to become a conversation between self and Spirit.

Can a believer get to such a place? Can we bring every decision to the communion table and surrender the verdict to the Holy Spirit?

Our hearts will rebuttal such a notion!

Our proud minds will argue that we are capable, and we know enough and will learn what we don't. But, our lustful flesh will cringe and lash out toward such an ideal that the Spirit and not self-rule our lives!

But we must come to the place of the Micro yield. No more just a Macro Believer, but the Micro as well. No longer the ideal of yielding more but coming to the holy truth, I am to yield to Him all that there is and will be.

Is that not what is implied in Proverbs when it says, in all thy ways acknowledge him?

Do we not see what James means, that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways?

God desires the Micro! God desires the small detail. He desires the atoms of our thoughts, our dreams' cells, and our hearts' microscopic desires! The God who drafted our DNA signature calls us to yield every fiber of ourselves to the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

1.) Hear the Word of God:

Make time to read and hear God's Word preached and taught.

The Holy Spirit speaks through the Word and uses it to communicate with us (John 16).

2.) Start the day in prayer:

If we are to yield the Micro portions of our lives before our feet hit the floor, we must begin communing with the Holy Spirit. Ask for God's guidance, wisdom, and apparent influence for the details of the day.

3.) Pause before responding, reacting, or deciding:

Pause, and talk to God. Don't let instinct, intuition, or impulse make the decision. Instead, yield the decision to the Holy Spirit. Then, bring it to the table of communion and ask for the mind of Christ and be prepared to trust the Lord's leading.

Micro-yielding will ultimately lead to growth in our faith.

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