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Fathers of Genesis: Seth & Enoch, The Praying Fathers

"And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD."

Genesis 4:26

"And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him."

Genesis 5:21-24

We are not sure exactly what transpired in the hearts and lives of Seth and Enoch, but there is an evident correlation between these men becoming men of prayer once they became fathers!

Fatherhood transformed these men from everyday guys living with religious tendencies to men who sought God through prayer, who fervently prayed for their kids, and ultimately were transformed by their time with God.

Seth was living in a world where Cain's influence ruled. Cain and his descendants had built a godless world. Once God sent Cain from his presence, Cain proceeded to build a world in his image, cursed, bloodthirsty, and without a desire or functioning reverence for the God of Heaven.

Seth must have looked around and realized, as he gazed into the eyes of his baby son, that he could not keep his boy safe; he couldn't raise him in a world so wicked. So Seth did the one thing that made the most sense, he began to pray, asking God to look over, protect, and give his son a world where he could thrive!

Isn't this the case today? Don't we look around at a world filled with violence, and our hearts quake at the thought of our children having to go out and make a life amid such a chaotic scene? A world so set against the God of Heaven. A world much like the one Seth's son was born into!

Imagine the conditions of things once Enoch is on the scene! Since Enoch was that far removed from Adam and so close to the world which God destroyed by Noah's flood!

We don't know what part of fatherhood brought these men to pray; it could have been a tremendous, overwhelming sense of inadequacy as they realized a child's entire future rested upon their decisions, character, care, compassion, and training!

How weighty a responsibility it is to be a parent!

I understand entirely feeling a great need for God when I felt the weight of fatherhood resting upon my own heart and conscience!

While we don't know the back stories that inspired prayer in the lives of these men, we do see the invaluable lessons presented to us. And these are lessons that we all need as parents.

1.) Praying Fathers are consistent in their prayer lives:

Note what the scriptures stated: Enoch walked with God AFTER he begat Methuselah - three hundred years!

Prayer was not a fad, passing interest, or temporary solution to an overwhelming scenario; prayer became the discipline, the everyday pursuit.

God tells us in the book of Hebrews that Enoch pleased God by diligently pursuing Him!

What our world needs more of is praying parents! Dads and Moms who will pursue the Lord and continue to bring their children before the throne of God.

We need testimonies of prayer. If we are to have an authentic testimony before our children, then they need to witness our consistent prayer life. There should be a comforting assurance in the heart of our children that their parents talk to God.

I know that our series focus is on Fathers, but each of these lessons also applies to Mothers.

2.) Praying Fathers grow from their time spent with God:

We learn by studying Enoch's life that not only did he walk with God and maintain that consistent prayer life, but Enoch also grew from it as a believer and parent.

In Jude chapter one, we learn the spiritual truths Enoch learned while walking with God.

Also, in that same chapter of Jude, we discover how Enoch went from a man who discovers prayer to a man who boldly shared the gospel of His coming Lord!

Enoch grew richly from his time spent with God.

Seth grew from his time spent with God.

We as parents must grow spiritually, we must grow in the practice of our faith, and we must grow in our discernment as a believer walking in a world filled with unbelievers.

Most importantly, we need to learn from God the purpose He has for our children and how we are to direct them, train them, and equip them for the divine life God has for them.

We will only learn God's purposes for our children if we, the parents, develop a consistent prayer life and grow!

3.) Praying Fathers leave a godly heritage to their children:

The phrase "goodly heritage" is found in the book of Psalms and is a testament to a son proclaiming the blessing of being raised by godly parents.

Both Seth and Enoch left their children a goodly heritage.

The sons and grandsons and their descendants of Seth bore the honorable title "Sons of God" found in Genesis chapter six.

Methuselah, the Son of Enoch, would be the recorded oldest living man and greatly influence the family. His descendant, Noah, would become a man of legend by pleasing God and receiving grace—that grace leading to the saving of the human race utilizing the Great Ark.

Often we consider what we are leaving behind regarding land, possessions, and wealth, but do we consider the value of our testimony?

To leave behind a legacy of prayer, a life of devotion, to which our children can look and be inspired, is priceless.

For us to do so, we must begin our prayer lives now!

Carve out a specific time of day. Find a quiet and intimate place. And commit to God that you will seek Him and desire His presence!

Praying parents make all the difference! May we become such parents of prayer as Seth and Enoch!

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