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Fathers of Genesis: Cain, The Unrepentant Father

When we think of Cain, our thoughts go to a single event, the murder of Abel. That horrid deed has become the embodiment of Cain's identity. But sadly, while this is tragic and vile, it is not the worst of Cain's deeds.

After murdering Abel, God cursed Cain and sent him out from his parents to live the remainder of his days as a vagabond. But that would not be the end of Cain's story. Instead of disappearing into the backdrop of history, Cain built an entire civilization in his image, cursed and devoid of God.

Cain's worst act was to become a father that never brought his children to God. As a result, Cain's children, and those born of them generation after generation, would die in their sins and go to that place of judgment, Hell.

Did they have a chance to hear the message? Yes! Enoch and others would deliver the message of God. They would preach grace and prophecy of judgment. The messengers of God would prophesy of God coming to earth was preached before the Great Flood of Noah's day (Jude).

But there is hardly anything more impactful than the testimony of a father.

I believe Cain loved his children as a man loves. I believe Cain was hardworking, inventive, creative, and highly talented. Consider all that Cain and his family accomplished in Genesis chapter four! Cities, commerce, weapons, trades, music, and so much more. But what is so heartbreaking is Cain and his children built a world without God and lived utterly devoid of his presence.

You see, men can be good earthly fathers. Men who work hard, invest in their kids, train them to work, and give them life skills to succeed. Men can be loving fathers present for their kids and spend their earthly days building a future for their children.

But, if men fail to recognize God and lead their children toward the spiritual. They lead their children to a cursed life. Cursed by sin and condemned by holy judgment.

Jesus asks, what has he gained if a man gains the whole world and loses his soul?

Cain and his children would gain the world but lose their souls. They gained the world for generations, but quite horribly, they lost their souls to Hell.

Dad, what are you imparting unto your children?

What we impart to them will determine our standing with God. The decisions we make with God in mind.

Are you building a world without God?

I admire the earthly work of Cain for his family. I believe that, despite the wicked deed of murder, would Cain had repented, God could have b redeemed Cain. But, sadly, there was no redemption for Cain, which is apparent because Cain refused the message of God to do right.

So regardless of the city, he built and named it after his son. And though he brought about a functioning civilization that is still borrowed from and utilized today, Cain's failure to repent and come to God brought more evil into the lives of his children than all the earthly good he did.

What do we do?

1.) Personally repent and build a relationship with God:

Jesus calls us to believe in Him, repent of our unbelief and sin, and yield our lives to Him.

Once we come to faith in Jesus, we enter into a relationship with God. From here, we are to develop our spiritual life.

If we truly believe in Jesus, we will live a life reflecting this belief. It is this consistent testimony that our children need to bear witness in their own lives. Our children need to see us living out our faith in Jesus daily. Whether at home, church, work, vacation, or wherever we find ourselves. The faithful testimony of a faith-filled father impacts generations of children and their relationship with God.

Consider what Cain gave up! God spoke with him and even showed him grace despite the offering debacle, yet God was not enough. So Cain gave up knowing God, communing with God, and the impact God would have on his children.

You and I have the opportunity to know God, build a relationship with God, have God minister to us, and commune with us through His Holy Spirit!

Are we concerned about the spiritual state of our children?

Are we concerned about their eternal state, where their soul will spend eternity?

What type of father gambles with their child's soul?

Is our love so shallow and our pride so great that we would risk their fate to our limited knowledge and understanding if we were to deny God's existence?

Open the Bible and search the book of truth! Discover the message of our Savior, Jesus, and experience how Jesus transforms lives!

Find a private place and call on God, pour out your soul, and then patiently wait for God to speak to your heart through His Spirit!

Build a testimony of God, go to church, use an altar, and show your kids what it is to build a world centered upon God, not devoid of God!

What if Cain had just listened to God in Genesis chapter four, everything would have been different for him, his children, and his descendants!

2.) Resist the urge to tend only to the physical needs of your children:

The physical needs will be prominent, and there will be plenty of them, such as food, clothes, shelter, school supplies, sports, relationships, responsibilities, and so much more.

Our temptation is to meet the physical needs alone, and because of the volume of labor, you will want to stop there. So it will be natural, and most fathers around you will do just that.

But you must be different!

Pray with your children, pray over your children, and in private, pray diligently for your children.

Talk to them about God, the Bible, and spiritual things. Then, listen to their responses, and note what God is doing with their heart and mind.

Take your children to church, and attend with them. Don't drop them off, and don't send them with Mom or grandparents, you enter into the house of God, and you demonstrate for them sincere praise and worship of God.

If you care for your child's soul, you must start shepherding them


Dad, there is too much at stake for us to live in this world and not consider God, eternity, and what we impart to our children.

Cain allowed his own hard heart to condemn his children; Cain had encountered God and knew He was true but did nothing to intervene for His children. Cain went forward with a curse, but his kids didn't have to do the same.

Cain selfishly allowed himself to be the God of his new world and the center of his kids' affection, and in doing so, he brought great judgment and damnation upon them all.

You can make a difference; it is never too late. You can lead your kids to God!

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